Sunday, October 30, 2011

Are We There Yet???

How often did you say that as a kid or hear that as a parent?

Saturday morning we were at the Tucson airport ready for our adventure!
We got on our flight to Atlanta, got settled in, both opening our kindles delving into 
the lovely treat of being able to read a book in the middle of the day.

An hour later we were asked to deplane. A leak somewhere in the wing.
All of the passengers got in line, as all 200 needed to be rerouted.
We were near the end of the line. 

Tucson is a small airport. There are not a lot of choices out on a Saturday afternoon and it was getting later and later. I needed to get an answer, our connecting flight on Air France was the last long haul out of the country because they were on strike as of yesterday. I got out of the line and went out of security to ticketing.

I was able to walk up to the counter,the advantage of a small airport and no other passengers had gone down.The first thing out of the agents mouth we can get you out November 3 when the strike is over.
Thank goodness I had researched tickets for this trip. I knew what airline was going where and when. With the strike all the flights still going over were full and with the snowstorm on the East coast flights were booked full.I was able to help the agent with the airlines I knew and she put us on a flight that could get us out on Sunday.

An hour later we were on a flight to Salt Lake City then another to LA. All flights had been booked Tucson to LA, it's normally an one and a half hour flight.So it was a bit round about .They put us up in a hotel in Torrence, all hotels were full because of the Quantas strike, gave us meal vouchers  and shuttle vouchers. We were in the hotel by 10:30pm. Twelve and one half hours later then when we had arrived at the Tucson airport. 

We fly out today at 4:15 on Alitalia.
During this whole process we both remembered to breathe and the mantra was it's part of the adventure, it's a part of the process. Be kind to those agents they were working so hard. It was not their fault for the mechanical problems...
I am very thankful we are only one day later to Italy. A couple on the flight were also flying through Paris on their way to Germany for a cruise down the Rhine. The Cruise was leaving the next day. No window of time for delays.
 We filed that information, leave enough time for delay.

Go with the's all part of the adventure!

We are almost there!!


If not now, when?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Packing Packing Packing

I am a traveler, a gypsy a true Bohemian. I'm taking time over the next years(notice the absence of a number) to travel and explore and recharge my creativity. I'll still be selling from my website great old stuff and new finds, a trade show here and there and will do some teaching. I will  be doing some tours to Asia and other venues are in the works. We will be spending more time abroad on our adventures! I'll be sharing photos, new treasures and thoughts on travel good food and good wine and new friends!

We are on our way to Italy for six weeks with a 5 day jaunt to Sweden.
Friends and family are waiting and we are excited. 
This is going to be a fun trip seeing family, friends and doing some work.
And of course my favorite eating the wonderful foods and drinking the lovely wines of Italy.

Packing seems to be hard for some. After many years of travel it comes easy to me.
I need to be ruthless when choosing what I want to wear. Sometimes we want to bring everything. My philosophy is I do not want to be burned by my luggage. Large heavy bags are like bringing a two year old on the trip. Many times when you are traveling you rarely see the same people two days in a row. Putting on a different scarf, belt or sweater will change your whole look. Not to mention it's very European!
The word is comfort. You must be comfortable and feel comfortable in what you are wearing. Don't bring items you've never worn. At least try them on see what they work with and break in the shoes.

This trip since we are seeing family,friends and children a larger suitcase is in order. Gifts requests for 5 lb bags of chocolate chips from Costco, gifts for a new baby and the request for marshmallows and Halloween candy.Not to mention shoes and makeup that my sister ordered and that arrived on the doorstep to "please bring over!"
The second reason for the large suitcase is old clothing and boots. The week we arrive we will be helping friends with their olive harvest. I'm excited to work outside in the Tuscan countryside and see the process from beginning to end of how are olive oil is made.
For this we both packed old shoes and shirts that can be tossed or left there.
I rarely bring jeans mostly I wear dress pants and skirts. This trip since we will be in the country for a good bit of it I brought a nice pair and an old pair.

We are fortunate that on our trips to Venice, Marche, Bergamo and Stockholm we can leave the large bag with family and just carry a small one.In most countries you can do this if you are returning to the same hotel if you want to do an overnight. 
Especially for Venice, you do not want to be dragging suitcases all over a city that you walk everywhere. The small carry on is exactly the size for a Ryan Air carry on. They can charge more to check your bag then the cost of the ticket!! 

My new favorite is a little bag I found. It has many pockets and sits right on the side of your body so not to be cumbersome. It has a nice thick adjustable strap.My kindle will fit my beautiful Groom wallet from and my ipod touch! Perfecto!
Now for a glass of Prosecco seeing some friends and a good nights sleep.

Stay tuned and welcome to my adventure!

If not now, when?