Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hiking in the Hills of Tuscany

Long walks, hikes, fortress', abandoned mansions and homes and interesting people are all part of the Tuscan countryside.
We took many long walks viewing the autumn colors and hiked up a hillside to a fortress built in the year 1000.
The evenings were spent cooking with local produce and meats and drinking the local wines. The local wines were 1.20 euro about $1.50 per bottle and were very good!
Neighbors dropped by to welcome us with their favorite wines and local treats in hand. One evening we were invited to a home for a drink. He was quite a character. We met in what we called his "clubhouse". Everymans dream, a wood stove, tools and a huge table for entertaining. We walked in and the woodstove was raging with a huge griddle on top with sizzling polenta and pork with peppers, cinnamon, apples and bananas. The door opened many times with people from Switzerland and Austria and Germany all invited to partake in his wonderful antipasta. We all sat and communicted through bits and pieces of language and laughter and a lively discussion of world politics. Our host opened many bottles of Lambrusco (from Bologna). I hesitated at first remembering the sickingly sweet drink from the 70's.Oh my this was so different rich and lively with a taste of berries very much like a pinot noir with bubbles..... so much many lovely people to meet....the Tuscan Hills are full of magic...




A house we are lusting for

Old Window

Old Blue Door

Reflection in old window

Big sausage

Little Sausage!

Geo Thermal
More Geo Thermal

Fortress from 1000AD

More Fortress

I'm in a Tuscan Painting

Still looks like a painting!

Pine Bark

Fall Walk

Another abandoned house

that we love

The Haunted Mansion

More Haunted Mansion

Haunted Balcony

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