Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Venice Under the Full Moon

I love watching the little old ladies haveing their Prosecco before lunch and their spritzs' around three... it's definetly a part of Venician culture. A spritz is generally 2 -2.50 euro and a procecco is anywhere from .80 cents to 1.00 euro. 
Part of the Venetian culture is walking in the evening and stopping at the wine and cicchetti barsWe have our favorites. It's like going to a neighbors. You have a glass of local wine .50 cents to 1.00 and a small bite or cicchetti our favorites are smoked salmon with pear on a slice of bread or panchetta with horseradish on crostini... small sandwiches and cheeses, or seafood salads...the cases are full and each bar has their own take on them. You move on to the next making the rounds.
Later in the evening it's time for dinner and the cool crisp air and walking all day you are hungry again.
We go to our favorite La Cantina. Andreas and Francesco have created  a lovely small restaurant with tons of atmosphere and food that is so creative and innovative. There is no menu and Francesco makes inspirational plates with fresh ingredients. We have met people from all over the world here, some whom we still we keep in touch. This time a couple from the Guernsey Islands, a couple from Australia living in London and a lovely couple from Belgium.
We always end up there till closing, helping them to clean up, bringing in chairs and having a last glass of wine catching up on our lives.

The Biennale 

The Biennale is a bi annual art exhibit that is shown at The Arsenal in Venice.
The Arsenal is the old Venetian Naval yard built in 1200's. Art is better there then arms.
It is a juried show with submissions from individual artists and individual countries. We spent the whole day eating up the modern art. All of it very controversial some beautiful and understandable others good fodder for conversation. A beautiful day a long walk home with a stop or two for spritz! 
More work and meeting with friends a walk through the fish market and another lovely dinner.
The final day we went to The Textile Museum to see the inspiration of the Russian costume designer and collector Alexandre Vassiliev. The bead work and fashion was inspirational. 
Leaving Venice is always so hard. It's old and lovely and rich with traditions, Everytime I've been there it always seems to be a full moon. It takes my breathe away. We shall return. .
Going Down the Grand Canal 

In  a water taxi going down Grand Canal to the Arsanal

St Mark's from the water

Fabulous exhibit by the 

Love iron work!

The Arsenal where the ships would come in

An empty room

Me coming out of the empty room

Window in the empty room

The Lion

Narrow calle (street)

Narrow street with Blue Door

Close up of the Blue Door

Spritz con Select

Castana and wine (roasted chestnuts)

Francesco at La Cantina


His table of cheese and meats

Seafood Plate

Cheese melon mustard and "just a few slices of prosciutto"

Fish Market

Fruit and Vegetable Market

My favorites


11:00 am We had done a lot that morning


at noon before we caught the train back to Tuscany

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