Thursday, November 10, 2011

Working in the Tuscan Hills...Bellisimo!

We took the bus an hour plus into the Tuscan Hills.
We got to stay in the most beautiful little house.
A large bedroom small kitchen and large bathroom/shower.
The sitting area was the covered porch with a spectacular view.

Immediately we started picking the olives. It was magical.
The view from the orchard was like a Tuscan painting and it was sooo quiet. The only sounds were the  plop of the olives onto the nets, and the bells on the half hour from the church in the town on the hill.

The sun and the country air was welcome as was the walk into and around the fields....
The olives were easy to pick and reminded me of my days in high school picking raspberries and beans. I wanted to pick "clean" and get every last olive on the tree. When we finished picking a tree we gathered the net and poured the olives into the crate. It was fun to see how many kilos each tree produced. We would lay the net around the next tree and pick again.
In several days we were finished with the orchard.
We the group, all 5 of us, picked 500kg a bit over a ton.

It was brought to the Frantoio to be squeezed into oil.....and it is magnificent!!!

 Our Little house we stayed in.
 The road to the orchards.
 Pomarance, hillside town.
 View of our house from the fields.
 In the tree!
 The green olives give the oil the peppery taste.
 Santa Margherite from the fields.
 la raschiello giallo (The yellow rake)
 Taking a break
 The fields
 Backside of our house.

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